You will find information about our Community as well as downloadable documents on this site.  Its content is for information purposes only and is not warranted or guaranteed to be complete in its entirety.  Please check back periodically for updates.  There are linked buttons at the bottom of the page as well as linked text (in color), which will pop up and give you more information if you click on them.  Please also see the "Documents" page.


Please note, we are not a rental community and thus do not have a manager on site.

Please refrain from contacting Board Members, rather, contact Ameri-Tech Community Management listed at the bottom of the page or use the "Contacts" page. 





Important documents



Meetings will be held at the location below unless posted otherwise:

Tentative Board Meeting Schedule:  1/14/23, 3/11/23, 5/13/23, 7/8/23, 9/9/23, 11/11/23 (10:30 AM)

Tentative HOA Member Meeting Schedule:  None currently   

Tentative Special Meeting Schedule:  None currently 





For your convenience, this is located just outside the back gate of Lakewood Ridge Townhomes (SEE MAP).

Our Community has a gated pool.  Pool hours are 9 AM to 8:30 PM (except when closed for maintenace or other unforeseen reasons).

Please abide by all pool use rules including COVID-19 guidelines.

"The Department of Health considers any animal (including service animals) in a public pool a health threat;" therefore, no animals are allowed in the pool or within the gated area

**Food and Drink are Prohibited in the pool enclosure. This is for Health and Safety Reasons.

**Do not attempt to prop the pool gate open. The pool gate must remain closed for Safety Reasons.

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For NON-EMERGENCIES, such as a street light out (you will need the number on the pole to identify the light) or malfuntioning gates, please use the "CONTACTS" page phone number (727) 726-8000 OR form to advise management of the issue. You may also contact TECO directly regarding lights. Electrical issues in your home are your responsibility. 


For EMERGENCIES such as leaking water mains or leaking irrigation (NOTE: Leaking water directly impacts everyone as it is a major portion of HOA fees. Left unchecked, it can lead to tens of thousands of extra dollars in water bills necessitating SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS imposed on everyone, please call the number on the "CONTACTS" page (727) 726-8000 immediately. Pipes and leaks in your home are your responsibility.


If you have any questions, please use the "CONTACTS" page form to contact Ameri-Tech Community Management. DO NOT contact HOA Board Members.


     Thank you for your cooperation. 


For Water or Meter Issues, or SERVICE, call (727) 492-7545.  

For questions regarding your BILL or account setup, call (888) 607-9218 or (888) 696-3837.

Email:  customerservice@thinkutilityservices.com

<<<<ONLY OWNERS CAN HAVE ACCOUNTS>>>>. If your home is rented, you will be billed, not your tenant, and are responsible for payment. Late payments trigger late fees and nonpayment results in potential attorney fees, court costs and property liens.   

Click here for letter from Think Utilities regarding rate structure. 

ROOFING STANDARDS - Click here.  Copies of the approved Ammendments were mailed to homeowners on July 1, 2020. If you have an issue with your roof, contact a licensed insured roofer. You are responsible for repairing/replacing your roof.

PARKING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED - Each townhome has two assigned parking spaces that do not require permits. There are only a few visitor spaces, and these require Visitor Parking Permits. Anyone using visitor spaces as permanent rather than temporary parking will be towed at their owner's expenseWork trucks and vehicles with signage are not permitted overnight and are subject to towing. You may not park in front of someone else's unit without their explicit consent; violators are subject to towing at the vehicle owner's expense. If your vehicle is towed, contact Express Towing at (813) 661-1100.

Towing Services provided by Express Towing, LLC, 2116 Jelane Drive, Valrico, Florida  (813) 661-1100If your vehicle is towed, this is the number to contact, not Ameri-Tech Community Management.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office established CrimeStoppers, an ANONYMOUS and effective way to report suspicious or criminal activity - 1 (800) 873-TIPS (8477). Your tip will be assigned a tracking number after which, you will be able to add additional details or upload photos at any time. You may also report the activity directly on their website via WEBTIPS (an online form) or, if you prefer, you can download their MOBILE APP. All tips are anonymous, and you may be eligible for a cash reward.